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A Forward: Northwest Anarchist Forum

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The focus of this forum is to draw analysis and proposals as a fervent critique of the current anarchist* milieu in the Northwest specifically (looking at situations nationally and internationally). Drawing upon a praxis - theory into action - and an experimentation of tactics towards a complete social transformation. One towards the total destruction of society, capital, technology, morals, ideology, civilization (call it what one will) and the lineage of the existent.
There are sections for reading groups to be conceived. Whether it is theory, fiction, non-fiction whatever it is the individual or group of individuals want/s to draw analysis upon. Ideas for projects and experimentation of projects to create and discuss. Interesting literature in any form that one finds of interest to the forum or a furtherance of analysis and critique (hopefully which is not just rhetoric of the dead-weighted leftist reformist)
This forum is not to just shit talk. Nor is it to create an embryonic sac for comfortable technophiles. It is a virtual space of discussion and dialogue in a completely mediated manner. Either through anger, hopelessness, depression, discontent any and all emotions that can be thrust out of oneself. Proposing this, it is hoped that discussion and dialogue is pushed outside of these parameters or a setting up of a place to have these discussions exist outside of this virtually mediated space. Into the space of reality where situations arise - towards escalation and confrontation - towards developments of strategy. Because theory in itself is only academic masturbatory specialization left to its dark confines of pacifism.
Northwest Anarchist Forum itself is also open to changes and modifications of sections or proposals to alter different sections. The moderators will make changes as to what seems fit for the whole of the forum. (please contact

* A note on the usage of anarchist is important to understanding the position being taken. Along with its own lineage at times as an ideology. Especially when an idea becomes predictable in action. Anarchist is not used to claim, to cling to a certain set of criteria or book of laws. Yet to see ones position as a tension within the current totality of existents. Because what is being said is not a party either or an organizational structure one is steadfast with.

More to come.

Recommanded Readings (Pamphlet form)
- Nights of Rage: One the Recent Revolts in France - Filippo Argenti and Barbara Stefanelli (Tout Niquer)
- Call (Tout Niquer)
- America - Jean Baudrillard (Book)
- Autonomia: Post-Political Politics - Sylvere Lotringer & Christian Marazzi. (Book)
- State of Exception - Giorgio Agamben (Book)
- A Crime Called Freedom (Eberhart)
- Fuck Your Mother - Jean Baudrillard (Tout Niquer)
- Armed Joy - Alfredo Bonanno (Elephant Editions)
- At Daggers Drawn - Anon (Elephant Editions)
- Escalation (Tout Niquer)
- Insurrection Magazine (1-5 photo copies)
- Revolutionary Solidarity (Venomous Butterfly)
- From Riot to Insurrection - Alfredo Bonanno (Elephant Editions)
- The Anarchist Tension - Alfredo Bonanno (Elephant Editions)
- The Insurrectional Project - Alfredo Bonanno (Elephant Editions)

Seattle Indymedia -
Olympia Indymedia -
Portland Indymedia -
Social Rupture -
Smash Tacoma ICE -
Insurrectionary Anarchists of Seattle -
Modesto Anarcho (Modesto, Ca) -
A Murder of Crows (Seattle, Wa/Brooklyn, NY) -
Insurrectionary Anarchists of the Coast Salish Territories -
Elephant Editions (Europe) -
Tout Niquer (Tacoma, Wa) - Tout Niquer, Box # 412, 2522 N Proctor, Tacoma, Wa 98406-5338 Email -
325 Collective (Europe) -
Green Anarchy (Eugene, Or) -

Insurgent Desire -
Killing King Abacus (Santa Cruz, Ca) -
Venomous Butterfly Publications (Portland, Or)-

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