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How to spread the word about the forum, and its importance...

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I was reading through some of the post on Seattle Indymedia. Although I feel as if many people misunderstood the intention of this forum, it was refreshing to hear that there are others out there fed up with the current state of the Anarchist movement. Tired of just more of the same. But for those of you who have read Crimethic's article "How To Organize an Insurrection" you would have read of the importance of online communication, as well as phone communication, in the coordination of rally's, actions, and attacks. This forum could be utilized partly as a anarchist indy media. Posting events by utilizing the calender and having regular discussion online as to the nature and intention of events. Obviously in the safest way.

I loved hearing that some one else wanted a face to face anarchist forum. Where is that person now. They can use this to get in contact with others maybe interested in doing the tedious work organizing such an event. Though it would be worth it. We definitely need more face to face no bull shit dialog about anarchism, our current situation, and our practice, amongst other things.

Maybe some one ( I could do this, if the moderator of this space felt ok with this ) make little hand bills to leave around. Circulate them amongst anarchists as well as at social centers and spaces. Stickers maybe? Anything to get it out there that this forum exists and anything to promote discussion that will lead action.

These are just some thoughts. I would like it if others to expanded on these ideas or added new ones to the pot instead of the usual snide, pretentious garbage that frequents message boards. And this forum does not in any way, and should not, replace face to face contact and communication.


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2How to spread the word about the forum, and its importance... Empty I ilke the idea of a face-to-face froum on Mon Dec 29, 2008 1:52 am

Hi.I live in Bellingham, Washington. I'm new to this forum and would like to anything i can to promote it.I also really like the idea of a face-to-face forum, and will do what i can to get that going and promote that as well. Any suggestion or others to ehlp, please post the info.

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3How to spread the word about the forum, and its importance... Empty About communication of the forum. on Tue Dec 30, 2008 12:39 am


Its very releaving seeing that a post has been brought up about the circulation of the message bored - in real life. If anyone feels or wants to take it upon themselves to make hand bills and pass them out. Please do. The desires i feel for this is a somewhat shared project. Becuase of seeing other forums that have sprung up having a some what lesser degree of internal communication and internal analysis of ones own project. With a focus of only internialized theoretical masturbation viod of any real-life projectuality.
Though i will be putting together a hand bill of sorts and posting it on the photobucket for the NWAF soon. If anyone has one they have made please forward it to It can be put up on the photobucket as well. The photobucket will also be public to view and one can download any digital materials to print.

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