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The Rebel #1 anti-authoritarian periodical

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1The Rebel #1 anti-authoritarian periodical Empty The Rebel #1 anti-authoritarian periodical on Mon Jan 12, 2009 12:28 am

This is a new periodical out in the NW.

Welcome to 2000-Crime! We start this year with a call out to all of the
people out there trying to get by. Those who are forced to give money,
whether it be through bills, taxes or fines, to rich bastards. Bastards
who make their profit off of those selling their days off for scraps.
This is to all of you out their that want more, and who are willing to
take more. This is a journal printed and written in the North-West,
specifically the Puget Sound area. It is our intention to offer a
critical look into the inner workings of our society, deconstructing
such things as religion, violence, economics, schooling, gender, race,
houselessness and class. We will be offering analysis often left out of
mainstream political and social discourse, contributing to dialogue
surrounding ideas such as freedom, liberty, crime, autonomy and

We wish to see a world absent of bosses, of police, of judges and
of law. Instead of these things being that which leads us through this
miserable existence of work, bills, awful relationships, work,
sleepless nights, and more work, we believe that we are more than
capable of organizing ourselves. We can organize ourselves as
communities and individuals with out law and without government; that
is to say, in a way that allows all of us to take an equal part in the
creation of our lives and expands our power. Our desire for absolute
freedom and the politician’s, the lawmaker’s and the bureaucrat’s
obsession for absolute power over others are irreconcilable. This is
why we call ourselves anarchists.

This project is supported and made possible by local folk donating
time and money in order to keep critical thinking and analysis alive
within our communities. If you appreciate this journal show your
support. Discuss the contents with friends and family, send a letter,
submit a story about your day to day experiences, share the journal
with complete strangers, start a reading group and engage in dialogue
and debate, and act on your thoughts and feelings. If you are
financially able and wish to help support our printing costs just send
us an e-mail. Remember, these ideas and sentiments do no good just
living on paper, they must outstretch to all aspects of our every day
lives. You may contact us through E-mail: The Rebel #1 anti-authoritarian periodical Maillink You may also visit us on the internet:

The Rebel #1 anti-authoritarian periodical Extlink ?sharekey=2d38f63e67b3fb79d2db6fb9a8902bda

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